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Unlock a world of efficiency, control, and peace with our comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline research management.

Automated Population

Nikoi automates laborious task creation with AI-generated long & short term scheduling.
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Daily Digest

Gain visibility into your daily tasks in your projects and what's going on in your lab.
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Project Management

Manage multiple research projects from a single page. Updates, tasks, conferences, and paper deadlines.
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Realistic Deadlines

Nikoi automatically reworks your schedule to account for unfinished tasks and setbacks.
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Simplifying the Process of Getting Started

Nikoi doesn't require multi-hour long training sessions on getting started. It's simple.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What does Nikoi do?

Nikoi is an AI-driven research productivity suite. Meaning that we provide various efficient solutions to organize researcher's projects.

What are a few of Nikoi's main features?

Schedule Automation: With just the input of your project information, we generate a schedule on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to achieve your goals.

Project Management: Keep track of up to 3 ongoing projects. With reminders of paper and conference deadlines and co-author updates.

Can I work with a team on Nikoi?

Yes! Invite your colleagues over to Nikoi and they can be one of the co-authors on your project. Receive automatic updates and automatically update your schedule through the progress of your team.

What is your privacy policy?

Nikoi has an end-to-end encryption and privacy policy which ensures that your projects are your projects only. No information will be shared with 3rd party clients or other users.

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